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Cover Photo of "Hold On" album (2011)

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"Hold On" Album Cover (2011)

Hold On

Album, 2011

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On her first full album, Melina uses influences from Blues, Indie Rock and even Reggae to create a collection of 10 daring, yet tuneful and catchy songs. The album was accompanied by the music video, “The Mama Song“.

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Bang Bang

© Sule Heitner

We got them short-tempered people with long cold knives
They be cheating on their husbands and beating on their wives
Selling tiny little rocks in smoky little dives
Congregating at the temples and giving up their lives
Then tall Johnny Law comes bumpin’ around
Well he ain’t doin’ any better than the rest of town
Takin’ money from the wrong hands, you know he ain’t a strong man
You know what happens next…

Bang Bang! Murder in the Deep End
Bang Bang! Crazy man sleepin’…

We got dirty infiltrators and dirty little spies
Keepin’ dirty little secrets and dirty little lies
All the smoke that they be blowin’ it’s cloudin’ up your eyes
Gotta get yourself dirty before you get wise
When some little lady wants to get next to you
Wonderin’ what you got instead of how you do
Watch your back Jack, you’re under attack, and if you lack
Well then you know what’ll happoen to you…

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Hold On

©Melina Soochan

Hold on to everything, cuz it’s all gonna take off from you
Hold out, you’re worth something,
and it don’t give a damn about you

Cuz love don’t have a heart, and love ain’t gonna wait for you
You don’t got time to waste, it’s staring you in the face, so true

Hold on, I’m on my way, and I’m taking everything with me
Come on, it’s cold out there,
but in here it feels like summer by the sea

Just leave it all behind, jump on board you’ll find you’re free
Just knockin at the door, the door to so much more, you’ll see
Just hold on to yourself, hold tight onto what’s left

Everybody’s telling me it’s ok
Check it out it’s such a lovely day
I don’t wanna leave this pretty place
I don’t wanna say goodbye today
I feel like everything’s going my way
When it gets here I’m gonna say
Take me on a plane, take me far away
I don’t wanna go back to yesterday…
Go back to yesterday…

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Blu-Ray Blues

© Melina Soochan

My definition of love’s been goin’ through some changes, lately
You can’t just love me like you do, then walk away, nu uh!
You got me askin’ some questions I know you can’t answer, no
Your actions givin’ me some answers that I cannot question

Cuz now I got the Blu-Ray Blues in high definition, yeah
You comin’ through my speakers nice and clear, oh yeah
Been searchin’ for so long
For a signal that’s so strong
Well I got news for you
I got the Blu—–, Blu-Ray Blues!

This chain reaction of love’s got high expectations, baby
You can’t just hurt me like you do, then up and leave, nu uh!
We try to talk but all I get is static and dead air, oh yeah
So sit on down and feel my love in surround sound

Babe I ain’t got no patience
And I don’t wanna change the station
Cuz I don’t want no complications
Cuz I—–, just want you!

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©Melina Soochan

Hey, it’s a party over here, and I wanna feel you near
You better have no fear, just gotta kick it in the rear
(It’s magical, it’s lyrical, it’s physical)
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, so you better go nowhere, just let me take you there
We make a real good pair, just gotta watch us in the mirror
(It’s radical, illusional, and mythical)
Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey…

Hey, hey! It’s like lookin’ for a needle in the hay, hay!
Fill the world with love, eliminate hate
Gotta check it out, we’re comin’ up
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, now I ain’t got that much time, so you better show a sign
Cuz you lookin’ so damn fine, and I wanna make you mine
(It’s cyclical, irrational, and musical)
Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Hey, follow me we gotta go, or we gonna miss the show
So just go with the flow, just gotta keep it high and low
(ooh yeah!)
Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey…

Boy, I’m runnin’ on empty – got no more life in me
Just wanna be > – that is what I need!

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Love’s Got Me Livin’

©Melina Soochan

I know I got things to explain
Debts to repay, gotta find my own way, but
Lately I’ve been feelin’ ok
It’s a brand new day, and you’ve got me sayin’…

You’ve got me livin’ so easily
Can’t you see, love’s so conceivably
Fancy-free, it’s so believably
Real and now, I’ve got a vision
Tryin’ to be myself, not forcibly
So uplifting, may just possibly
Be the one for me, so magically
Oh yeah, love’s got me livin’

Oh, it’s matter of time, gonna make you mine
Gonna make some dime, cuz…
Lately I’ve been tryin’ to perceive
The things I’ve gotta achieve, and it’s got me sayin’…

I got a pocket full of lucky coins and lucky stars
They’re gonna lead me on my way
No matter what they say bout what you do and who you are
Know that you’re a star. shinin’ from afar…

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The Mama Song

©Melina Soochan

Let me sip from your oyster of knowledge
To learn all the sh!t that you can’t learn in college
About life, about love, all the drama in between
Cuz mama, you know you’re a queen

I need you, I need you, I need you by my side
Cuz you know, without you, things just not working right
Cuz we fuss and we fight, and we cuss and make right
But you know I ain’t gon’ leave your side

Without you, yes it’s true, I’d fall flat on my face
See I can’t compare to my mama’s poise and grace
I’ve screamed and I’ve yelled, stomped my feet and rebelled
But I know you ain’t gon’ leave my side

And I know I may come off ungrateful
So instead I tried to write this song
Cuz you know I tried, and I don’t know why,
But I got so much to learn…

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Over and Out

©Melina Soochan

I used to be a dreamer
Then somewhere along I lost my wings
I used to be a fighter
Till one day I couldn’t step into the ring

Well I, I, I never wanna give up, not this way!
And I, I, I’ll give another shot! This time…

I’m not afraid to let go, afraid to bend
Cuz I’m here to work it out til the end
Got my lover by my side and my best friend
Til it’s over
And over and out! Yes I’m gonna make it
Over and out! Yeah…!

They told me to be patient
But patience is a virtue not a law
I need to be reminded
Of why I’m here and why I’ve come this far

It seems like every barrier’s been placed in front of me
But I will storm right through it, so unstoppable
Cuz everyone’s conditioned to accept how they may be
But not me, oh not me!

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New Phase

©Melina Soochan

I’ve met you long before the night came onto us
I’ve loved you long before the sun gave up on us
Oh can you see me lyin’ here now? Cos I’m here now
Oh can you hear her cryin’ out now? So loud now

I’ve kissed you and tasted love upon your lips so sweet
I’ve missed you, but still I hoped my world
would feel complete, yeah
See we’ve been tryin’ so hard to save her, not enslave her
Why do we hold on to this strange behavior? We deprave her

Hey! So let us change our ways
And make it so we’re never at the mercy
of these cold and lonely days – a new phase
We can’t just run away
Shameful to say that we’re the cause
of all this hurt and pain – so let’s start a new phase

I trust you, yet I fear the weight of your wrath on me
I need you, still I tear and rape you violently
Oh can you stop me now, I’m shaken, so mistaken
Oh have we figured it out, she’s achin’, she’s forsaken

I can just see us running
through the fields of hopes and dreams
And oh, imagine us there!

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Royal Flush

©Melina Soochan

I took a step inside your magical, theatrical land
I tried to follow suit but you just rushed ahead didn’t look back
That’s when the curtain fell and everyone just stared at me
And so I stared right back but couldn’t stop my shaking knees
I’m in the spotlight, just got one night to get it right
This is my fight, yeah yeah…

Down the rabbit hole I followed you to Wonderland
Playing cards with the Duchess, do I have a hand?
That’s when I saw the Joker looking and laughing at me
And so I laughed right back but couldn’t see what’s so funny
And now it’s my time, gotta take my time to shine
This is my life, yeah yeah…

This hand I bet my life on, feeling like I’m on a rush, boy
I can’t hold back no more, I’ve got the Royal Flush, boy
I’m riding high, it’s my turn, are you gonna crush me boy?
I can’t hold back no more, I’ve got the Royal Flush, boy

The bookie took my money earlier just yesterday
Bet it on a horse named Lucky Seven at the gate
That’s when the Pegasus just spread its wings and flew right by
I’m winning, it’s for real, but how do I keep up this high?
I’m feeling all right, this is my night, shining bright
I’m in the spotlight, yeah yeah..

It’s time to turn the cards around… reach for higher ground
I’m feeling so alive right now – so take me away!

"City of Love" EP Cover (2009)

City of Love

EP, 2009

Out of Print

Melina’s first six-song EP. It spawned two music videos, “X-Ray Eyes” and “City of Love“, the former of which received extensive airplay on Canadian national TV stations Bravo! and CJNT (now City TV) as the EP’s leading single.

Disc 1: CD

Disc 2: DVD

  1. X-Ray Eyes“: Music Video

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X-Ray Eyes

©Melina Soochan

I know that you want me, I know that you need me
It’s been a while, but I know you ain’t happy, not without me baby
So let’s just try, I can see it in your eyes
Ooh ooh aah, baby yes it’s time

Cuz I… I can see through you baby
I…. I got X-Ray Eyes
I… I can see you through you baby

Come here, my love, now don’t run away
I’m stronger than you are in every way
Now you can run but you know you can’t hide
This time I got Kryptonite

It’s always been a game with you
While I confess I didn’t know what to do
This time I’m energized
I’ve got you locked in my laser eyes

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City of Love

©Melina Soochan

I’ve been around the world where every boy and every girl, they
Just take a look at me and they’re wonderin’ what it is they see
So unique to me and you’ll find it here in this city
It’s such a tease, but there’s just one place to find girls like these

Hey boy just come on down and let me take you ’round the town
And show you what a beautiful sound
this town called Montreal’s about
I swear it’ll make you proud, make you yell and scream so loud
This city’s got a damn big crowd, check out what it’s all about…

City of love!

It’s not too hard to see, that beauty’s in diversity
Everywhere we be there’s a little bit of you and me
This mega-city of love and truth and creativity
Common unity, land of opportunity, cuz…

There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be
Than right here sittin’ with you and me, yeah
I’ve tried it all, done it all and still I see
This city’s got me livin’ my dreams…

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Place in my Heart

©Melina Soochan

Everytime I look in the mirror
It’s someone that I haven’t seen before
And no, I don’t know her name
But she just won’t leave me alone

She looks just like me
She’s tellin’ me I need to be free

So I’m leavin’ you tomorrow
And it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
We’ve tried so hard, there’ll always
Be a place in my heart for you

I know this comes from nowhere
And oh, you’ve been so good to me
I really love you, yes I do
It’s so hard for me to say goodbye

If only you knew
Just how much, I don’t deserve you

And maybe someday I will
Look back on today and I will
Wish I could just turn back time
And bring you back into my life
And maybe that day I will find
That you’ve moved on, and it’s alright
We all make choices in our life
That bring us to the light…

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©Melina Soochan

We are two fireflies, in the night
Trying to light my fire, burning, deep inside
Ooh, eventually the morning will come
and we’ll have to let each other go
But for tonight, the dark is all right,
so come and burn it real slow

And I’ve seen what you can do
Light me up in the night, Baby, I’m by your side
Come and I’ll take care of you
Try me out, it’s all right, we’ll burn bright

We are two fireflies, in the night
Come closer, baby, closer, I won’t bite
Ooh eventually the sun will come up,
we don’t have to let nobody know
So for tonight, don’t make me think twice,
just let on loose and let it flow

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©Melina Soochan

I watched him turn away from life, leaving me behind
To pick up all the pieces
I followed closely behind, but I couldn’t cross the line
I couldn’t smoothe the creases

In this fabric of time, I watch the universe unfold
I can’t bend it anymore than this

In a world where one plus one is two, how can we explain the few
Who penetrate reality?
Who see beyond the skin of life, the membrane of our minds
Such duality

Held between dimensions of what we hold is true for us
We cannot see beyond ourselves


Naked in the light of dark, we will not leave a mark
In this perfect circle
Cold in the heat of love, watching from above
We see through the rips and tears

Wearing nothing but loosely drawn theories of our own
We are floating through the unknown


Unreleased Songs


These collaborations and outtakes never appeared on Melina’s official releases and are exclusively available on this site.

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